This page is dedicated to providing you with hot tips and information to assist you with your lighting projects. This month we talk about MicroAntiLeach™.

What is MicroAntiLeach™?

Lumascape inground and submersible luminaires are sealed and tested to IP68, which means that no air or water can enter or leave the enclosure after they have been properly installed. Considerable pressures build up within these sealed enclosures during the normal heating and cooling cycles. Any path to the atmosphere can soon lead to moisture ingress.
Under pressure, air and therefore moisture can enter through any leak path into or out of the luminaire. Leak paths can include the supply cable, unless its conductors and insulation are totally sealed. 

Lumascape has developed a special process, known as MicroAntiLeach™. The incoming supply cables are completely sealed so that no air or moisture can enter the luminaire even with the pressures that are typically experienced within totally sealed luminaires.
When you specify Lumascape luminaires with MicroAntiLeach™ you can be confident about the integrity of the enclosures.


      MicroAntiLeach                       MicroAntiLeach