The INCAND-Air 30 is a high power LED based downlight system developed for retrofitting into the mounting hardware of existing high power downlights, or for use as a complete luminaire for new installations.

The INCAND-AIR 30 features a specifically developed LED light engine and is capable of producing beautiful, high CRI whites of any CCT and accurately replicates the colour temperature shift that is characteristic of halogen lamps when dimmed. INCAND-AIR has the benefit of an ability to produce not only excellent whites, but rich, vivid colours.


Offering totally smooth dimming performance from 100% to Black

This is accomplished by the use of an Adaptive Resolution dimming method. This ensures that colours remain consistent and controllable at all levels, which is critical for the accurate control of colour temperature during dimming.

All luminaires across the installation dim smoothly to the same level and colour temperature. They dim at the same rate and finally fade to black at the same time, with no flicker or step change to off. Light output and LED life have been maximised through the employment of a highly effective thermal management system. The junction temperatures of the LEDs are maintained at a level low enough to provide 70% Lumen maintenance after 60,000 hours. The application of effective passive cooling, and the use of heatpipes results in a luminaire that does not generate any fan noise, or fan related maintenance issues.

Should a situation occur where the temperature of the LEDs increases to a point where the usable life of the LEDs is threatened, the AIRLED will take steps to maintain the temperature at a normal operating level.



  • AIR- Adaptive Interactive Resolution provides intimate and accurate control of the light output from the LEDs thus ensuring smooth dimming performance over the entire dimming range
  • Multiple control modes including adaptive resolution dimming of individual colours channels for full control of custom colours and fades
  • Incandescent Mode Replicates the colour temperature shift that is characteristic of Halogen lamps when dimmed
  • Local thermal fold-back
  • Effective, considered thermal management for LED longevity and reliability
  • Resistant to power fluctuations
  • Perfectly smooth dimming from 100% to Black
  • C E and C-Tick compliant



The INCAND-Air 30 has been developed in partnership with State Automation®.